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Blog entry by Elka Zlateva

Training event in San Jorge University of Saragossa

Training event in San Jorge University of Saragossa

Short term staff training event was organised by San Jorge University for key project experts to deepen their knowledge and academic approach in order to develop high quality products.  Lectures and practical workshops mapped the latest development in knowledge management system and knowledge management technologies in education sector. They helped the project team to select the proper instruments to be integrated in the project outputs. 

Among the key topics were:

  • Systems´ Perspective and Transformational Leadership in Educational Contexts. Prof. María Luisa Sierra (FUSJ)
  • The Impact of Bilingual Education in Schools in Spain. Xavier Gisbert, Bilingual Education (CIEB)
  • Driving Change in Higher Education Institutions: transferable lessons learnt. Cristina Grasset Spain Education Programs (SEP)

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